Fishers Non-Profit Coalition Meeting Notes

Kickoff Meeting – Wednesday, July 10, 2019 9AM – Launch Fishers

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 9AM

Launch Fishers, Theater

The meeting started at 9:05am.  A sign-in sheet was passed around to attendees.

The meeting started at 9:05am.  

Outside the Box

Kelly Hartman from Outside the Box kicked off the meeting with a presentation on their current project.

OTB provides services for disabled adults.  They have served Marion County since 2008 and are looking to expand into Fishers.  OTB has worked with HSE schools and Christ the Savior Lutheran Church.  

They are proposing a building/event space on a parcel of land owned by Christ the Savior Lutheran Church on 126thStreet.  The space would be a place of support and employment for adults with disabilities and their families.  A niche event space for up to 300 seated guests would be available on weekends and financially support on-going operations.  The project needs approval by Fishers City Council to proceed with the land sale and development.  Silent stage fund raising effort have already started.  There have been public meetings with some detractors.

The vote on the project is Wednesday, September 25 at 6PM.  Fishers City Hall.  (It was passed!)

Does Hamilton County have the most unmet needs in the state?

  • Stigma about having problems/needing help
  • Generally high socioeconomic status (yet many issues transcend)
  • Social/support infrastructure has not developed on pace with population and economic growth
  • Lack of accurate and/or comprehensive data

Fishers has a distinct culture and community and there is a need to focus on those organizations that are serving this city.  Many organizations also serve the broader county, region or other cities in Hamilton County.  When you remove sports and school related non-profits, there are only a handful on non-profits based in and serving Fishers.  How do we focus on Fishers-specific issues?

How do we spread the word about our local non-profits?

  • A Non-Profit Day/Fair – perhaps as part of the Fishers Farmers Market
  • Seek a sponsoring City Councilor?  The Fishers Non-profit committee (Todd Zimmerman, Cecelia Coble and Pete Peterson) determine oversee the Fishers Non-Profit Grant Program.
  • Talk to the Fishers Club of Rotary to connect with local business leaders
  • HSE CurioCity – Have Freedom Kolb come to present at the next meeting

What are the goals for the Fishers Non-Profit Coalition? 

 (Look at what Nancy Chance has done at a county level with Good Samaritan Network)

  • Awareness/promotion
  • Donations
  • Connection and volunteering (finding churches and other groups/individuals want volunteer opportunities in small chucks of time; difficult to find year long/on-going commitment)
  • Support community in finding services
  • Developing non-profit leaders
  • Developing community culture and infrastructure
  • Coordination and collaboration among non-profits

Next steps:

  • Next meeting set for November 14, 2019, at Delaware Township Trustee Building in the Kirkendall Room 
  • Contact Fishers City Council members on the Non-Profit Committee
  • Invite attendees to the private Facebook group to share events, updates and resources
  • Work on a list of free or discounted resources for non-profits

The meeting concluded around 10:15am.

If you attended the meeting or are a local not for profit please feel free to complete our planning survey online HERE.