Fishers Non-Profit Coalition Meeting Notes

Delaware Township Office

November 14th 2019

Introductions and Attendance

Early Learning Alliance Network 
Cornerstone Lutheran 
Parks and Recreation 
Outside the Box 
Christ the Savior
Shephard Center
Child Care Answers Collaborative Change
Delaware Township Trustee
Food Pantry (5000 lbs a month)
Youth Mentoring Initiative

Outside the Box Update 

Land purchase was approved 
March is disability awareness month 
Look for events from Kelly 
Caregiver focus during this March’s events 
There is still a great misunderstanding of “how awesome human’s can be” – we can do a lot of education and help community members see the opportunity  

Mayor’s Equity Group

 Jody updated on the equity group and events coming up 

HSE Students and Ms. Habig

All Seniors that took the Innovations class last year 
60 kids in the program (elective) 
In roads during class is impacting opportunities and potential contributions 
Soft Sills – Human to Human interaction focus 
Developing our younger students to make a difference through developing their skills 
Huge focus on Problem solving 
Students are coming up with creative solutions to complex problems 
Passion Project (club participation, engagement in clubs = better academics, transportation was a big issue for participating, student is working on creating late bus option) 
Equity conversations with Fishers Police, and cultural conversations
Top 20, learned to run the system, but figured out that there was so much to learn, there is a problem in how our schools are working – passionate about project based learning, movie about PBL (Fail Forward) 
Devise a plan for the railroad, student idea to put a trail there, connections with the city
Internships in community areas (led to working for Young Life, trying to raise 45K by the end of the year to hire a second staff person to support the groups and work of the organization)
BlueCrew (student section, community involvement, school spirit) 
Communication is important, kids need to have five personal conversations a week in order to be more successful – they need someone that is older and making them better… wisdom makes the person (how can be more connected to learn from others) 
Dogs (emotional support dog owner) passion project is getting puppy into emotional support training, co-training for their human care taker, learning leadership, how to get things done, and how to manage a process for the benefit of others) 
Its helped to make me volunteer for other leadership roles – it pushes me to be the leader I can be. 
A lot of self actualization is facilitated through the innovations class
This year they are doing a four course combined class, mindful immersive learning experience (first three hours of the day) English, Science Research, History, and Innovations (8 credits, ignore the bell schedule, 60 kids) 
CurioCity: City/Schools partnership, online data base, non profits can sign up online at 
Interns and other available supports and opportunities to share your work and your story as a non profit organization, city has put in near a quarter of a million dollars to support the role out. 

Follow up: Training for non profits 
How can we capture the networking and connectivity that naturally happens 
Can we learn about the graduation pathways that can support our organizations? 
Email Kelsey if you have an opportunity ( 
How can we push to get teachers trained before we jump in?
Is there a document that overviews the benefits to organizations to participate?
Jody email schools about Curiosity interest – when will it be good to be in there? Community wide needs assessment (can we do this?)
Voice and Passion – lets help our kids develop this!
Can the internship coordinators for the high schools come in to be a part of this group?

Giving Tuesday 

Matching organization 

Website Linking 

How can we make access to non profits in our community full accessible to the school and city community? Can we have a link with a note that no non profits are endorsed? We need to be able to link community members with supports.

Hamilton County Community Foundation 

Non profit innovation hub (providing fuel and resources for non profits in the community) 
Additional supports for community non profit organizations 
Shout out to Mayor Fadness for being the recipient of a Community Pillar awards to celebrate his work in mental health. 

Service Hub in Delaware Township Community Building

Please know that there is space available to help non profits have a physical location to work and meet contact Debbie Driskell for more information.


Funding (Capital campaigns) 
Invite the City Council members to a part of the Coalition 
Communication – updates to 
FB Page 
Google Calendar – Event Bright invitations 
TCC gives (Courtney – Sam’s mom) 

Meetings for 2020 

January 9, 2020 9:00-10:30
April 2, 2020 9:00-10:30
June 11, 2020 9:00-10:30
Sept 3, 2020 9:00-10:30
*location fo all meetings will be at the Delaware Township Building

To think about…

Education piece: how can we educate or community 
How can we showcase our work to the giving community?
Space, Giving, etc.