Alison: Provided a background and purpose of the Fishers NPC 

  • Data 
  • Connecting 
  • Collaborating 
  • Advocacy & Awareness 

How do I connect with the Fishers NPC? 

  • Website, Facebook
  • Form to upload to be listed on the website 
  • Sign up for the newsletter, individuals and organizations
  • email Alison Gatz,

Thanks to everyone able to attend and represent their organization

  • Shephard Center 
  • ELAN 
  • HSE School Board
  • HSE Superintendent  
  • Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide (Chaucey’s place) 
  • HAND Inc 
  • City of Fishers 
  • Healthy Hamilton County System of Care 
  • Hamilton County Kids Coats (distribute to homes) 
  • City Council – Jocelyn Care 
  • Debbie – Fishers Optimist Club (hearing aides and glasses and mental health) 
  • MudSock 
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • RECN
  • Hamilton County Community Foundation 
  • Fishers Parks and Rec Foundation 
  • Fishers Youth Assistance 

Nonprofit Collaboration Hub 

  • Membership based organization 
  • Partnership with organizations 
  • Open grant period in November 
  • Jeenie Landes 

Learn more at:

HSE Superintendent Dr Yvonne Stokes 

  • July 1 Started officially
  • COVID focus is on keeping kids in school 
  • Communication (right sizing website) has been a focus
  • Board is about governance alone
  • Enroll, Employ, Enlist, Entrepreneur (4Es) that she is working from
  • Academic Excellence is continual anchor

Jocelyn Vare, At Large City Council Member

  • City wide issues 
  • Fishers arts and culture commission 
  • Non Profit committee 
  • Grant funding will be a line item for the City (matching grant opportunity, in kind dollars count for the match) 
  • Public meeting 
  • End of Calendar year to be used through 2022 
  • 35 applications, 5 awarded in 2021
  • No policy in place limits 
  • ARP funding (support for nonprofits) 
  • City is getting just over 6 million dollars 

City Communications Team 

Healthy Hamilton County Systems of Care;  Healthy Hamilton County has brought Systems of Care under their umbrella of services 

  • Kristen continues her work to help be a conduit for services 
  • Look up Indiana (still the repository but will close soon so we need to figure that out, Kristen is working on that) 
  • Systems of Care meetings: 
  • Email distribution list (just connect with Kristen)
  • Suicide Prevention Training (QPR) 
  • Prevail is still working on Hamilton County Safe House 

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