Fishers Non-Profit Coalition Meeting Notes

Delaware Township Office

January 9, 2019

Introductions and Attendance

Christ the Savior Church
Child Care Answers
Mudsock Youth Athletics
Grace Church Fishers
Hamilton SoC
Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County

What’s new with Non Profits?

YMI (seeking new mentors and actively recruiting in our community)

HEPL (activities are noted in their newsletter, see full list of activities here)

ELAN (ACES webinar, book studies, new space available, see full list of activities here also access the ELAN preschool providers survey online here)

Christ the Savior Church (registering for Vacation Bible School for Summer 2020 – registration is here, Outside the Box sale of land) 

Child Care Answers (transitioning to an independent non profit) 

YMCA (new equipment and improvements) 

Mudsock Youth Athletics (sports, celebration of women in sports 2/7 wine tasting, facials at billericay park, new name and branding for HSE Sports) 

Grace Church Fishers (expanding care center) 

Hamilton SoC (2/6 12-2 showing of resilience the biology of stress & biology of hope, at noblesville education services center – river road) 

Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County (grandparent connections and working to connect community) 

Who is missing?

Know a non profit that could connect with us? Have them fill out the contact form online here to be included.

Jody will reach out to PTO presidents and Scott will invite Hamilton County Tourism folks.

Jody request presence of City Council at April meeting 

Alison request Larry to be here in April 

Meetings for 2020 all are 9-10:30 at the Delaware Township Offices  

April 2 (this will be a showcase of non profits, everyone will have a spotlight of 3-5 minutes about their non profit, registration is required for this one and we will invite the city council) 

June 11
September 3

Keep informed

The FPNC facebook group will be the primary continuous communication tool – please join this group online here.

Upcoming Events

ACES webinar from SoC sponsored by ELAN online here
HCCF upcoming symposium (register online here)

2nd Monday of every month 6:45 6th to 12th graders at Launch Fishers (2-3 facilitators open discussion on different topics) topic in December – Under Pressure; topic in January – Bullying 

Website Linking 

Please make sure that your organization is listed on our website, if it is not please complete the survey online here ASAP.

Jenn H. suggested that we weave the request for the city to link to the Fishers NPC website via the AARP committee. She will follow up on this opportunity.

Kristen will ask Look Up Indiana to submit info to have on our website.

Need high school volunteers?

A new student generated website will allow us to access high school volunteers. You can complete the form online to request student volunteers here. Also, please be sure that your staff have their safe visitor checks on file at the local school district. Access safe visitor information here.

Fishers NPC Advisory Group

This group will meet to draft mission, vision, and communication plan for the non profit coalition.


Anything we can do to encourage our community to participate in the census will be critical to our community. Find some information online at

See our private Facebook group for more information

Discussion Items

Can we provide training or a one page overview of how non profits can participate in the legislative process?

Can we provide a one page overview of ways that parents can advocate for their kids in the legislative process? Jody noted that she will reach out to Dr. Mac’s legislative aid as follow up.